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How to choose a domestic electrician for your next job on the Gold Coast

When choosing an electrician for your next domestic project, there are many factors you should consider before your contractor begins work in your home. A decent number of fires in the home are found to be caused by electrical faults, some of which can be due to faulty wiring.
Your chosen electrician for example, should be a licensed contractor in the field of your project.  And on top of that, your electrician should be licensed in your state, for example, Queensland to be able to perform guaranteed work in your Gold Coast home- ensuring your electrician is qualified and has a current license is essential.

Where to find good domestic electricians on the Gold Coast

Many future customers generally ask their friends if they could recommend a good electrician before seeking out other services such as directories or even searching online.  Asking your own friends can be a great place to start when looking to hire a domestic electrician on the Gold Coast.

With so many electricians available on the Gold Coast it can be difficult to know you’re getting the most experienced, knowledgeable electrician for a reasonable price.

References, testimonials and reviews from real customers can help you identify the best electricians on the Gold Coast to do your domestic electrical work. Check to see if your chosen electrician has a Facebook page, where they post updates about their current jobs and clients for future customers to view their work before hiring them to complete their own electrical work.


Factors to consider when choosing an electrician for your domestic project

  • What sort of work are you looking for the electrician to do?
  • Will that work require an electrician to complete?
  • As mentioned above, ensuring the electrician is licensed
  • Where the electrician is based, i.e. is it a Gold Coast electrician? Are they local?
  • What sort of rates does the electrician charge?


Will my job require an electrician?

An electrician is always required when installing and repairing electrical systems. There are various types of electrical work an electrician can do, so it’s best to know what type of electrical work you want the electrician to quote you on when you are ready to contact them for a quote.

Jobs that will require an electrician to perform:

  • Installing a new power point in your home
  • Changing plugs on appliances from overseas plugs
  • Installing transformers for downlights
  • Fixing broken fittings

Even if you believe these tasks are basic and you can do them yourself, under no circumstances should you attempt this yourself. Not only could you cause harm to yourself or your home, if the work is not performed by a licensed electrician it will most likely void any insurance claims if a fault stemmed from any poor wiring.

See Part Two of our article on choosing a domestic electrician on the Gold Coast for the conclusion of hiring a domestic electrician for your next project.

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